ProjectBench - OK, Where Do I Get It?

Where you're getting it it's your own business :), but if you're talking about projectbench you're in the right spot. Before installing, please allow me to suggest you read the Installation and Administration Guide. It will mostly likely answer all questions you'll have during the installation phase.

Click Here to get the latest version.


Change Log

This is a list of changes that happened since the last release. I personally always like to read them to bring me up to speed on what's new, fixed and improved.

Version 0.4 - November 18, 2004

Version 0.3 - November 12, 2004

Version 0.2 - October 12, 2004

Version 0.1 - July 25, 2004

First release; changes from previous version, workbench v0.11 are too many to list. If you're familiar with workbench, you might want to check the Features page for a list of what projectbench can do, or see a Comparison that includes workbench among other projects.